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Casale Nascosto is an old restored farmhouse hidden in the hills of western Sicily. Find yourself a place to spend the night, a private dinner, or catering services provided by Corina Weibel while you enjoy views of the Aegadian islands and the bucolic countryside.

Immerse yourself in the natural tranquility of the region for a comfortable night stay in the warm welcoming atmosphere that reflects the local culture and hospitality. If not staying the night at Casale Nascosto enjoy a private dining experience with Corina curated from the region's bountiful selection of local fresh seafood, citrus fruits, olives, and a wide range of seasonal vegetables and aromatic herbs.

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Spend a few nights in the Sicilian countryside. The former Magazzino has been renewed to accommodate you with one bedroom, bathroom, and outdoor kitchen. Wake up to the sounds of the birds and the breeze through the olive trees. House made Granola, seasonal fruits, and yogurt offered for breakfast

Offered additionally with notice:
- Prepared home meals for short excursions
- Dinners at home
- Cooking class with Chef Corina Weibel
- Learn how to cook locally, sustainably, and with love

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Private Dinners

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Corina's passion for food and cooking will always be a part of who she is. Cooking on a much smaller scale allows her to share and enjoy the experience of making good food for others. Visit Casale Nascosto, nestled away in the countryside, if you are traveling as a group and searching for quality Sicilian meals with culinary twists in a unique environment. Corina offers lovely fusion options culled from her lifelong experience together with her newfound love for Sicilian classics,  including busiate trapanese, tortellini, babbalucci, bagna cauda, bucatini, and much more.

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For those hosting larger events, whether it be at your villa, a local event, or even an intimate wedding, Corina can provide local catering services. Similar to her private dinners Corina's catering will be sourced from the bounty available on this beautiful island, and inspired by  Sicilian cuisine.

Corina's long love affair with her Los Angeles restaurant, Canele, and many years of catering experience both here and in the States will ensure your event is a crowd-pleasing and memorable culinary occasion. If you wish to learn more and see previous menus, feel free to reach out and get in touch with Corina. She will also provide pricing on request.

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